The Benefits of Drop Shipping

Erwin Oropesa

An internet-based business has many advantages. You can typically work from anywhere, and you can outsource a lot of the tasks necessary for traditional businesses. One such task is the shipping of goods to the customer. With drop shipping, you facilitate the sale while the manufacturer ships the product. Here are some benefits of using drop shipping in your business.

Offer Wider Selection

If you ship the products you sell yourself, your selection is limited to the amount of inventory you can store. If the wholesaler is shipping the product, though, you can offer your customers more choices. Increasing your selection can increase your business and thus your revenue.

Eliminate Need for Storage

Renting or buying storage space can get expensive. By outsourcing the shipping, however, you save yourself this cost, freeing up space in the budget for other operating expenses.

Operate With Fewer Staff

When you ship from your location, you probably need employees who can help you with the process. They have to package the items and possibly load them into shipping containers or onto trucks. Drop shipping leaves this whole process to the manufacturers. They have the responsibility of finding reliable shipping services that have passed distribution testing, and it’s off your plate.

Earn More Money

As the retailer, you earn the difference between the wholesale price and the price you charge your customers. With drop shipping, the wholesaler may even pay you a commission for the products you sell. By taking a step out of the process, you may be able to increase your profit margin.

Part of the beauty of an internet-based business is the flexibility it provides. Drop shipping makes online sales even more flexible and convenient for you by leaving the distribution of the products you sell to the companies that manufacture them.

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