The Types of Automobile Fuel On the Market

You just got your car and you want your car to run at optimum performance. The fuel you burn can either gum up your engine or propel you down the road. The model and age of your vehicle will determine which type of energy is best for it. Here are a few types of fuel and how they work for you.


When your car is running on now, gas station pump repair is the last thing you want to see. Gasoline is a reliable fuel source that has been around for decades. Years ago automobiles took leaded gas but now you can only find unleaded. Even though it is the best performing, it causes smog that harms our environment.


Ethanol is a combination of corn sugars and either gasoline or diesel. It is a biofuel that works well in most cars while cutting pollution from the air. It can be used without being mixed with the other fuels but works best when it is combined. However, cars are able to go a further distance with gasoline than they can with ethanol mixed with gasoline.


There are a few automobile models that can run entirely on electric energy. Complete clean and great for the environment, it uses electricity instead of burning fossil fuels to operate. The do have to charge after a few hundred miles, leaving the driver looking for a charging station then finding something to do as it charges.


Biodiesel is used as a replacement to diesel in large vehicles. Manufactured from palm seed oil and other natural sources, it can be an environmentally friendly option. Many large restaurant corporations have adopted this form of fuel by using the oil from their fryers. The sheer amount of resources needed to produce biodiesel can affect the environment like gasoline.