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HeinOnline U.S. Congressional Documents provides entry to the printed debates, proceedings and speeches of the U.S. Congress, including the Annals of Congress, Register of Debates, Congressional Globe and the Congressional Record. Use the Congressional Record Daily to Bound Locator to convert day by day edition references into citations to the everlasting version. Also included are numerous historical document collections such because the Journals of the Continental Congress, the American State Papers and the Territorial Papers of the United States. The HeinOnline United States Code assortment Judge Roy Bean provides complete historical coverage of the U.S. The U.S. Code is the official consolidation and codification by material of the overall and permanent legal guidelines of the United States. Code is printed every six years with annual cumulative supplements published in every of the 5 intervening years.

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Social media stardom – How changes to NIL will benefit athlete-influencers across the NCAA

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Hanna Cavinder is standing on a folding chair in the Fresno State locker room with her twin sister, Haley, on the floor. Both are wearing Bulldogs women’s basketball jerseys. The music kicks in. For 12 seconds, they dance to TisaKorean’s song “LSD,” which is, ostensibly, about breakfast cereal. It’s a little locker room silliness.

On TikTok, the video has more than a million views.

Nearly every day, there’s a new post of the twins dancing, lip-syncing, dribbling or shooting, and each one has been seen by hundreds of thousands.

The twins aren’t household names among women’s college basketball fans nor do they play for a blueblood program, but their exploding popularity on social media — they have 2.7 million followers on TikTok — has made them stars well beyond their sport. They’re the leading scorers for Fresno State, but as the NCAA moves toward allowing athletes to

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Business leaders fear ‘flaming on social media’ if they criticize President Donald Trump: Fast Company Editor-in-Chief

Erwin Oropesa

Many business leaders disapprove of President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, but fear the consequences of saying so publicly — according to Stephanie Mehta, editor-in-chief of the business publication Fast Company.

In a newly released interview, taped on April 27, Mehta said many top executives find it “frustrating” they cannot criticize Trump over his handling of the pandemic due to potential damage for their company and personal backlash they may face online.

“It’s frustrating for a lot of leaders in business because they feel they can’t come out and call the president out on it,” says Mehta, a former business reporter at the Wall Street Journal and executive editor at Fortune.

“The consequences can be pretty great, not only to their business but also they become the subject of some pretty, pretty serious flaming on social media,” she adds.

Since Trump took office, he has sharply rebuked

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