Who is Michael Boulos? Tiffany Trump announces engagement to Lebanon-born business executive

Tiffany Trump gets engaged to Michael Boulos (Getty Images for Taoray Wang)
Tiffany Trump gets engaged to Michael Boulos (Getty Images for Taoray Wang)

After Tiffany Trump, 27, announced that she was engaged the day before her father’s presidency ends, the question many people were asking was who exactly was the man who’d won her heart.

Step forward Michael Boulos, a 23-year-old business executive who was first photographed with Ms Trump in 2018.

Ms Trump later introduced Mr Boulos to her family during Thanksgiving 2018 at Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

Mr Boulos grew up in Nigeria where his family owns a number of businesses. Despite Mr Trump’s comments calling some parts of Africa “s***hole countries,” the Boulos family spent Christmas Eve at the White House in 2019.

Born in Kfaraakka, a village in northern Lebanon, Mr Boulos is of French and Lebanese descent. He moved to Nigeria at a young age, where his family owns a multibillion-dollar conglomerate and a large number of companies that are active in more than 10 West African countries.

Dr Massad Boulos, Michael’s father, is in charge of the businesses and his mother, Sarah Boulos, founded the Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria.

Mr Boulos grew up in Lagos with his three siblings where he went to the American International School. Spending his nights at bars around town, he became a regular at an establishment called Spice Route, which is known for its exotic aerial acts, the owner told Town & Country Magazine.

Living a luxurious lifestyle, Vanity Fair called him “Tiffany Trump’s Billionaire Heir Boyfriend,” he flew off to Greece on private jets in the summertime, attending yacht parties.

Tiffany Trump has a degree from Georgetown Law, while Mr Boulos studied project management finance and risk, earning a Master’s degree from City, University of London. He got his bachelor’s degree in business management from Regent’s University London.

According to his LinkedIn page, Mr Boulos holds three jobs, as the associate director of SCOA since 2016, the director of the Fadoul Group since 2019, and the business development manager of Royalton Investment since 2019.

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