What Is Pink Spoon Marketing?

If you have ever been to a Baskin and Robbins you will remember the famous Pink Spoon. I am talking about when you can’t make up your mind on which one of the 31 flavors you want to get. So they give you a Pink Spoon to help you decide between your two favorite flavors. These are free samples of the ice cream. This gives you a little taste to see which one you would like to have the most. With that free sample or Pink Spoon you are able to make that final choice.

This same concept can be used in your business. The Pink Spoon in your business is a free giveaway, such as a free download that you offer to sign up for your weekly Ezine. This free giveaway is in exchange for joining your list. It can be in the form of a video, Ebook, or email series.

This concept was coined by Andrea Lee.

This helps to build your know, like, trust factor. When your target market gets to know you through the Pink Spoon, then they will like you and learn to trust you. This is why it is important to have a Pink Spoon that is enticing to your target market. It should address something that your target market has a problem with or is looking for a solution to. When your target market sees you as the source of solving their problem, they will start to like what you have to offer and will want to look for future sources of information. This is also a way for your free product to lead into bigger products that people would pay for.

The benefits of having a Pink Spoon are:

It demonstrates your knowledge and experience. This is with the caveat that your free giveaway is something of value. Just because it is free does not mean that it shouldn’t be something with true value to it. Remember this will be your first impression to many of your prospective clients, so make sure that you really put all of your effort into it.

This can lead into paid products and services that you also offer. This is after all a sampling of what you have to offer.

This can provide a way to build your list and build up your leads of potential clients.
Another way to look at this is to think about jumping into a pool for the first time. Are you going to just dive into the deep end, head first? No. You’re going to go over to the shallow end and slowly dip your feet into the water to test it out. Then slowly wade into the water. This is the same thing when someone is considering working with you. They want to dip their toes into the water first. Your free giveaway (Pink Spoon) allows them to do that. They get to see what you know and if you would be a good fit for them. So don’t look at it as though you are giving away your knowledge for free. Think of it as you are showing the world, and more specifically your target market, who you are and what you can do.

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