What is Finance?

How do I define this without sounding like a complete geek? Finance is a term that could be used to describe quite several activities related to banking, credit, money, investments, leverage or debt, and a few other things. In very basic terms, finance equals how we manage funds (money) and getting funds that we need per time. Finance also includes anything that as to do with money to make up the financial systems.

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Many of the underlying strategies in finance were gotten from microeconomic theories. The very basic of these theories is the association between money and time value. These theories essentially revolve around the saying that “a dollar today is worth more than a dollar in the future.” Since every business, individual, and government projects all need monetary funding to stay active, the finance section is primary.

Planning one’s finances involves reviewing the state of your financial position and build-up ways to plan for future needs, without completely cutting down your current expense. Personal finance is important to every human’s lively situation; this is why financial planning is dependent on an individual’s income, housing bills, goals, and wants. 

For instance, every wise individual must have some extra cash set aside for retirement days, which could be used to finance long-term plans or sustain a comfortable living after their working days. The act of making and taking this financial step can be grouped under personal finance. Personal finance could also mean the buying of financial assets like mortgage, insurance, credit and debit cards, and other types of financial investments. 

Transferring of funds could also be considered as a component of finance. Money transfer is the process of sending money for payments and to your loved ones miles away from where you are. There are a couple of transfers companies who have invested quite some in making sure money can be transferred internationally. Wirex is one of the leading ones who have successfully stood out in such an industry with increasingly high expectations from its consumers daily.

Back in the days, you might have to wait for days and sometimes weeks for your money to get to a neighboring country through a ship cargo. How annoying would that have been if our finances would still operate in such an Era. Transfers companies like Wirex not only get you cash sent in a few minutes but also have a system that ensures it gets delivered to the right recipient and on time.

These days, everyone has various things they use finance for. Some businessmen are most peculiar about expanding, and so whatever finance comes their way, they immediately channel them into the expansion of their business.

Many individuals today just wish to live comfortable lives. Lives without much stress and having everything they need at their disposal. They go to work; sometimes six days a week just to make sure they have the best of fun on the remaining day of that week. You see, finance could mean quite a number of things. What does it mean to you?