Study in Australia for a Prosperous Career

Study in Australia for a Prosperous Career

There are a huge number of international students (11,500) which are studying here. It has the most desirable courses available for students in which it is tough to get admission in India. Through these courses students can get skyrocketing careers. These careers also involve careers outside Australia for students.

The university offers courses like Bachelor of Arts in French which requires an IB score of 24-25 for admission. The course is of 3 years duration. The course also requires the Indian students to get good scores in the IELTS exam bands which include 6.0 in reading and writing bands and 5.0 in the remaining bands.

The university also offers the degree of Bachelor of Business which is of 3 years. It requires an IB score of 24-25. It also has the same requirement of 6.0 in reading and writing and 5.0 in the rest. The internet based test version of TOEFL is also acceptable for these courses requiring a student to have 18 in the reading and writing bands and 16 in the rest of them.

The student can also opt to do internship after completing this course to earn money. A student who has opted to study in Australia also needs to pay the Overseas Health Cover insurance while he is in Australia. It’s also important to understand that the student has to show evidence for this insurance before he comes to Australia.

A student can also choose to pursue post graduate degree from the Sydney Business School which is affiliated to this university. The duration of a post graduate degree here is 1.5-2 years. These post graduate courses are Master of Applied Finance (Investing), Master of Applied Finance (Financial Services) and Master of Business (International Business) etc. These courses are important to provide advancement to your career. Any degree in the sector of business is in great demand in the world.

A course of Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) is also available which is of 1 year duration. It requires a student to have an IB score of 30-31 to get admission. The fees for this course are 26,448 AUD for the entire course. Requirement for this course is IELTS of 6 with reading and writing scores at 6 bands and 5 in all the other bands. Students can look forward to careers like insurance broker and marketing researcher after doing this course. Study in Australia for a stable career in a peaceful country.

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