Scaling the Marketing Ladder in One Fell Swoop

Scaling the Marketing Ladder in One Fell Swoop

People waste a lot of time trying to decide what marketing strategy works. Are you trying to get your opinions, writing skills, or articles noticed? Do you spend hours a day reading advice from well-meaning experts on how to drive traffic to your blog? Don’t waste your energy on what others tell you to do. Self-marketing begins with – that’s right – you. Down deep, you know your own best marketing tactics. Find your talent and put it out in front of the public – consistently.

Here’s what you do.

  • Pick one marketing skill you are good at.
  • Discipline yourself to do it on a regular basis.
  • Plug away at it for six months before expecting big results.

Simple? Yes. Easy? No. Effective? You bet.

Let’s say you want to increase traffic to your website. The standard advice usually goes like this. Write a blog and ask everyone on your twelve social networks to read it and write comments. Would you have the time or patience to do that in return – even for a good friend? Other tired advice includes – watch this webinar, download a transcript for that interview and read ten newsletters a week. Who has time for that?

When I was young and trying to gain some financial wisdom, I buried my nose in the stock pages of the newspaper. One day my uncle gently took the newspaper away from me and said, “Learn just one thing each day. But do it every day.” I did it. Guess what? I’m pretty financially savvy.

Tired of scrambling all over advice blogs and posting empty responses on social networks just to get noticed? Try this plan.

  • Find out what interests you and what you are good at.
  • Make sure it fulfills you.
  • Do it consistently.

We only have so much energy. Don’t spend hours a day with a scattered brain seeking the best marketing tool out there. Look inside yourself. Feed your purpose with your passion. Not only will you ultimately gain internet recognition and website traffic, you will be a happier, more productive person.

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