E-Club/Email Marketing Design and Set Up

E-Club/Email Marketing Design and Set Up

Registering in social media sites usually involves listing one’s email address which a company can then use to include the person in their marketing campaign. A social media marketing consultancy firm, could even provide as an add-on service the creation of an e-club or an email marketing club. A comprehensive service can be delivered by the firm when working hand in hand with the client and this includes e-club/email marketing.

Email marketing is considered as one of the most efficient and effective online marketing tools that are available. Putting up e-clubs means the creation of a slightly higher version of email marketing as it gives more power as well as flexibility to the user. There are more things that can be done through an e-club as compared to typical email marketing. E-clubs could also do away with some email marketing restrictions.

The first thing that a social media marketing consultancy firm could do is to set-up a company’s e-marketing operations by creating an e-club as well as an email marketing strategy in order to gain new clients and to maintain the loyal following of existing ones. It should not just be any e-club; it should be an e-club with a corresponding strategy. The target market should be pinpointed. The buying triggers should be identified as well so that the messages and the incentives can be built around these triggers. The clear identification of these items will help to bring about success to the site.

Another important consideration in the creation of the e-club/email marketing group is ensuring that it follows the regulatory framework set-up by the government. The database for instance may require opt-in features in order to ensure compliance with the regulations. It is only after ensuring the legality of the functionalities that the firm could proceed with the design and creation of email newsletters and other marketing tools. A truly successful e-club will have a growing database that will progress into both sales generation efficiency and effectiveness.

A food company could for instance utilize the services of a social media marketing consultancy firm for its e-club set-up. The recipes that use some of their food products could be emailed efficiently and effectively to a database which has signed up for the service though social networking sites. The recipe would seem like a newsletter when received though email. Those who patronize such email newsletter through the e-club set up could even forward the recipes to their friends and family so that they too would sign up in the database. This would generate more sales for the company as they might have studied already that these recipes are a trigger for potential clients to buy their products. When these recipes are passed on through email, a growing database results that consequently means more potential clients have gotten the message of the company across the social media channel.

However, the true test of the success of an email/e-club marketing campaign is the sales growth derive from it. The growing database should translate to growing sales. Only then could it be said that the service offered by the social media marketing consultancy firm is a success.

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