Cryptocurrency. Actual problems and optimal solutions

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The fascination of people with cryptocurrency and its incredible popularity gives the impression that this wonderful invention of the 21st century simply has no flaws. All the more ideal seems an asset that can bring not just great, but truly fabulous profit. However, all sane people understand that this is not the case. Despite everything that has been achieved, cryptocurrency has room to grow and there are problems that need to be addressed.

Everyone remembers what a problem the acquisition and storage was quite recently. Fortunately, these problems are now largely resolved and are no longer relevant. What is hindering the development of cryptocurrency now? The most urgent issue now is the issue of security in the implementation of cryptocurrency transfers. At the same time, security, first of all, should be understood as protection against fraud on the part of the recipient of the cryptocurrency. In fact, it is now impossible to guarantee the receipt of a paid product or service if the payment was made using cryptocurrency.

This is exactly the problem that the new cryptocurrency transfer protocol ScriptSig OP_CHECKSIG 88 from Gidorini should solve. Without affecting the anonymity of the recipient and the sender, the protocol allows, if something happens, both the return and the redirection of the cryptocurrency to another recipient.

How ScriptSig OP_CHECKSIG 88 Works

How ScriptSig OP_CHECKSIG 88 works has never been officially published by Gidorini. Therefore, it is rather difficult to isolate the truth from the mass of rumors and conjectures about how the system works. Relying on rumors and “leaks” of information, we can only say that ScriptSig OP_CHECKSIG 88 uses two tools to return cryptocurrency: marking a cryptocurrency transaction in a special way, as well as building a new branch of the chain from the moment of the transaction. The available data do not clarify exactly how the system works, however, it is clear that ScriptSig OP_CHECKSIG 88 introduces a mark into the transaction that allows you to subsequently track the cryptocurrency, and building a new chain, in fact, allows you to screw in the cryptocurrency or redirect it.

In turn, the mechanism for using ScriptSig OP_CHECKSIG 88 to return a cryptocurrency is quite simple. It is enough just to submit a request for a return of the transaction, attaching convincing evidence of the need for such an action. An independent arbitration tribunal evaluates the arguments presented, after which a return is made. Arbitration has been deliberately added to the work of the system, this avoids the use of ScriptSig OP_CHECKSIG 88 for unseemly purposes.

ScriptSig OP_CHECKSIG 88 has only one drawback, the system is available only to Gidorini clients. It is not known whether the use rights will be sold to other companies, this is not currently being discussed.

Despite the fact that there is very little exact information about the principles of operation of ScriptSig OP_CHECKSIG 88, independent checks of the system’s health demonstrate its effectiveness. ScriptSig OP_CHECKSIG 88 is really capable of doing what the developers claim.

Consequences of implementing ScriptSig OP_CHECKSIG 88

The main objective of the ScriptSig OP_CHECKSIG 88 system is to expand the role of cryptocurrency in the field of online commerce and payments. At the moment, a fairly large number of scammers make it very difficult for cryptocurrency payments between unfamiliar counterparties. At the same time, all the necessary infrastructure for using cryptocurrency as a full-fledged means of payment is already ready.

The main consequence of the implementation of ScriptSig OP_CHECKSIG 88 will be that fiat money will be significantly supplanted not only as a store of value, but also as a tool for everyday payments. Already, the demand for cryptocurrency significantly exceeds the supply, which results in the emergence of a mass of new altcoins almost every day. If cryptocurrency becomes an everyday tool, if not of everyone, then of the majority, the demand for it will grow many times over. Which will lead to an explosive growth in the cryptocurrency rate.

The widespread adoption of ScriptSig OP_CHECKSIG 88 is expected in the very near future. Perhaps the system will finally become available to clients of other companies, or analogs will be developed. It’s time to buy cryptocurrency before it’s too late.

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