Advantages Of Working As A Local Contract Nursing

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There are a lot of nursing jobs nurses can apply to, and they have different settings. One of the nursing jobs being offered is the local contract nursing jobs. Let’s check on the advantages of working as a local contract nurse and see what’s there to look forward to if you work as a local contract nurse.

What Is Local Contract Nursing?

This is a nursing job where nurses are given full-time hours by hospitals or other medical facilities. However, contracts only last for a month or 26 weeks . After each contract nurses are free to take vacation or accept other contracts. 

How Much Do Local Travel Nurses Make?

Average earning of a local travel nurse is $3,000 per week. Pay can also be affected by several factors such as specialization, location and experience. Although they are locally employed they still get the rate of a travel nurse.As well as get the following benefits:

Free Housing 

Since there is a 50-mile radius rule where a local travel nurse needs to work 50 miles away from their residences, then a local travel nurse needs accommodation. Housing can be selected by the travel nurse agency or can be chosen by the nurse. The accommodation provided by the agency will be covered in full while for the one selected by the nurse will only receive a housing stipend. 

Life and  Health Insurance

Affordable insurances are offered by travel nurse agencies to their travel nurses since they started working. IN this way they are protected from unexpected events that may occur, especially since they are more exposed to risk.  


Referral bonuses and performance bonuses are given if they are able to refer a qualified nurse to work as a  travel nurse and if they work the extra mile they can get a performance bonus. 

Can Travel Nurses Choose Where They Go?

Yes they can. They have the right to accept declined assignments. That’s why most nurses prefer to be a  travel nurse since they can have a more flexible work schedule because they can choose. 

Can You Be A Local Travel Nurse?

Yes it is possible as long as you are willing to be assigned 50 miles away from your residence. You can also opt to become a local contract nurse instead if you want to work within 50 miles of your residence. Flexibility of job will still be the same.  

What are the Advantages of Local Contract Nurse?

More Job Opportunities 

The term for each contract may be short, but you will likely run out of job offers. The nursing agency can find a job for you, or you can directly hop from one medical facility to another. 

Less Burnout 

Since you can decline or rest after each contract, you can get a time to refresh and relax. Unlike when you are regularly employed the only time you can take a break is when you file for a leave.Resting can be essential in renewing your body and soul before working again. 

Tax Breaks 

Government gives incentives to contract workers. Each state differs, when you work as a local contract nurse you are included in getting these benefits. You can ask tax authorities about it, so you will not miss out. 

Do Nurses Work On Contracts?

Yes they do for each assignment given to them a contract is being signed.Contracts are important to protect the interest of both parties. Rules and regulations might fail to be followed without a contract. 

These are just some advantages of working as a local contract nurse and there are many more. Try working as a local contract nurse, and you can enjoy the benefits of working near your home but getting better pay and opportunity. Job opportunities can help you grow your career, and it will let you have all the experience you need in advancing your profession.  Start local then go international after gaining the experience and for your you can have more opportunity to work in several countries and enjoy traveling in the future. Local contract nursing can be the start of your journey in learning to deal with short contract work and get used to it, so you can prepare yourself when you go for travel nursing jobs.