What Are The Most Effective Mailers?

There are several types of mailers available in the market. Some of them are postcards, dimensional mailers, newsletters, and catalogs. These types of mailers can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, you can send a newsletter to members and donors. These newsletters can be customized with content like the latest achievements, missions, and current efforts.


While the variety of mailers available is immense, a few types can provide the best results. For example, a laminated mailer is a great choice for simple offers, such as an announcement of a special sale or a limited-time offer. These cards do not require much space, are durable, and are usually seen by their recipient. A postcard can promote your business, share information with existing customers, and announce deals and promotions. 

Moo offers several different postcard designs and options. The company offers more than a thousand designs and can handle the entire printing process. It also offers postcards of various sizes and shapes. It can also help you find lists for specific demographics, B2B industries, or other segments.

Dimensional Mailers

In addition to being more expensive, dimensional mailers produce measurable results. You can track the number of callbacks and responses from dimensional mailers and compare them to a benchmark. You can also measure the number of sales that were generated. When choosing a dimensional mailer for your business, these results should be accounted for. Dimensional mailers can be used as a “first touch” in a marketing campaign, to move a prospect closer to a sale, or to thank prospects for downloading materials or attending a webinar. They can also be used as a part of a loyalty program. Whatever the purpose of your dimensional mailers, be sure to find a creative partner who can create an integrated campaign and select the best promotional products within your budget.

Dimensional mailers can be more costly than regular direct mail, so they’re best for businesses selling high-end products and services. However, this type of mailer can more than make up for the higher cost with a few conversions. They can also be more expensive to create and ship than other mail forms.


Catalogs are one of the most effective types of mailers for various reasons. For example, they have the highest response rate and average order value. Typically, catalogs are stapled on one side, but you can also choose a perfect-bound version for maximum impact.

When designing a catalog, it is important to focus on the products you expect to sell. These products should be prominently featured on your mailer’s cover, first page, and back cover. Make sure that the images are of the right size and layout, and include information about the benefits of your products or services. Also, be sure to include pricing information and customer testimonials. In addition, it is important to monitor the effectiveness of your catalog. Your catalog should also feature information about your website and social media channels. Alternatively, offer a digital version of the catalog for those who prefer to read their catalogs online.


The best newsletters include content that is useful to readers. The content should be easy to understand and digest. Make use of subheadings and headers. Use relevant information and offer immediate value. Also, use a CTA (call to action) or preview of your website. Newsletters should focus on a specific topic. If possible, they should be more about information than about sales. They should also have a through-line. For example, a literary newsletter might contain an essay. On the other hand, other types of emails tend to be more focused on sales.

Newsletters are an important part of any marketing plan. They act as an internal communication tool and help businesses build strong customer relationships. These newsletters can be sent to various audiences and help businesses build authority and trust. In addition, they can increase sales.

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