Ten pallet racking components

When it comes to racking pallets, there are a number of components you need to know about. These are the main ones.


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Frames and beams

Step, box and load beams are all the same thing. They are necessary to hold load supports such as wire decks or pallet supports. Upright frames are another component, there to help support loads.

Bracings, whether diagonal or horizontal, are necessary to form selective frames by being welded in between upright columns. Pallet supports, of course, support pallets, by being placed between load beams.

Decking, generally made from timber, can be closed or open. The closed kind offers firm support to racked pallets. The open kind of decking is made of rows and behaves as a permanent variety of pallet. Decking can also be available in steel or wire mesh, which is a good choice for fire safety. For more on the importance of fire safety in warehouses, see this report in The Guardian.


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Shims and spacers

Shims are useful for regulating uprights that are based on an uneven surface or floor. Installed underneath uprights, they can make the rack level. Spacers can be used where racks are installed back to back in rows. Inserted between columns, they make sure that the racks remain straight.

Footplates are found at the bottom of columns and are also called base plates or footpads. They can give more stability by attaching a column to the floor. Wall ties can also add agen ppob terlengkap stability by attaching loads to the wall. Column or post protectors are essentially shields that can be placed around an upright base. These are useful for protecting the column from damage when forklifts are being used.

If you want to know more about the possibilities of pallet racking Ireland has a number of sites to look at such as www.rackzone.ie/pallet-racking/ where you can find plenty of advice and guidance regarding pallet racking.

Pallet racking may be more complicated than you thought, as there are a number of vital components necessary to make sure that racking is secure, while being easily accessed. Moving racks when necessary is also important, which means that the stability of the racking is vital to keep warehouse accidents and breakage of valuable goods to a minimum. Investing in quality pallet racking is always a good idea.