The cellphone, along with light, and the ability to fly, is arguably the best technological advancement in human history. It includes everything you have ever used, and information you did not even know existed. In your pocket you hold a telephone, a calculator, a flashlight, a personal assistant, instantaneous chat communication, and thousands of other useful tools. With the cellphone came SMS, or “texting”, as we now call it. In this article, we will be discussing how SMS alarm pager are still being used by our cellphones, and why they are so important.

SMS: Short Message Service

SMS, an acronym for short message service has changed our lives. Twitter has become the present life pager for everyone who has the app. Your messages to the world must fit within 140 characters, so the message must be concise and to the point. In the world of business, SMS has also helped business owners reach more customers and close more deals.

Imagine receiving a long text message detailing a project you have been negotiating for months, and all it took was for you to text back a simple YES. Your lawyer then receives this single word text and you close on a multi-million-dollar real estate deal. That is the power of SMS, but it can do more.

SMS has transformed marketing. Infomercials still use the method of having you call the number on the screen, but most people now, don’t like talking to others and prefer sending a text. SMS allowed these people to text a certain key phrase, for example “CASH”, and then receive an automated message with instructions. This means that the customer saw an ad, saw the call to action of sending the key phrase, and has now been opted into a marketing campaign whose goal is to sell and upsell as many products as the customer wants to buy.

Another way in which SMS has revolutionized our lives by reminders. We can automate a process in which, as soon as someone visits our business website and fills out a contact form, we can automatically receive a text with the person’s contact information so that we can call them right away. This prevents the lead from becoming cold. If we shorten the timespan to a few minutes after they visited our website, we automatically differentiate ourselves from other companies who don’t have SMS and reply to the email the next day or hours later.


To conclude, in this article, we touched upon the subject of SMS and how it has changed our lives both personally, and in business. A lifesaving use of SMS alerts is that of amber alerts, storms, and high priority events around a certain neighborhood. You don’t know where the alerts come from, but it appears every single person gets notified right away of potential threats. We’ve come a long way from having to drive to people or send them letters to communicate.

SMS Alerts: It Can Save Your Business