Should you add tennis balls to your walker?

Have you ever seen someone using a walker and wonder why it has tennis balls on the ends? The rubber covers that come attached to the back legs of the walker tend to wear down quickly. Some think that tennis balls are a cheap, easy fix for this issue, while others are strongly against it. Here are some pros and cons for using tennis balls on a walker.


Placing tennis ball chair leg covers over the worn down rubber feet on a walker helps to reduce noise. On a hard floor, you are avoiding a scraping noise as the metal meets the floor, most likely scratching and damaging the floor.


Worn down rubber on the carpet could lead to the walker becoming stuck, causing a tripping hazard. Most likely, a person needs a walker because they are not stable on their feet. They need a device they can rely on to help them get around better. Adding the tennis balls to the ends will help the walker to move more smoothly without getting stuck and risking a fall.


Some people are intrigued by the brightly colored tennis balls on walkers. Others are repulsed by them and say they are tacky. Ultimately, it’s your decision whether or not to put tennis balls on your walker, so you’ll have to decide which side you agree with more.


Tennis balls do tend to attract and hold onto any germs that they may encounter along their journey. This would potentially track germs from public places, even restrooms, into your home.


Some say that adding tennis balls to your walker can actually cause the walker to break down more quickly which would cause you to have to replace the entire apparatus more frequently.

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not to replace the rubber tips on your walker with tennis balls. The decision is ultimately yours, but always make safety your top priority.