Roofing Marketing Strategies for 2022


Roofing marketing continues to change. If you don’t adapt to the changes, your company will be forgotten and your phones won’t be ringing. If your roofing marketing strategy has not changed in a while, you need to examine what you are doing very closely..

The truth is that the way people view your marketing changes every year. There are so many new advances in technology. This changes how people search for information. And, your marketing needs to keep up.

This is a perfect time to evaluate your current roofing marketing strategy. Let’s look at a few marketing approaches you might tweak to improve your response.

First, if you are doing pay-per-click ads, make sure you are spending your money wisely.

Make Things Easy

Did you know that people who click on your roofing ad from a search engine are typically ready to spend money on your services? Pay-per-click ads are usually a smart strategy for young roofing companies to gain traction in their local markets. However, if you are not making it easy for people to take action, you will likely lose out on leads.

  • A button people can click that takes them directly to an appointment form
  • The phone number of your roofing business
  • Your hours of operation
  • A map that shows your business location
  • Links to the services you offer

That will pretty much cover everything a qualified lead will need to know to move further along the sales funnel. A well-crafted landing page will make your PPC advertising dollars more effective and help you close more leads.

Take Advantage of Free Opportunities

Make sure you have signed your Roofing Company up for a free Business Profile on Google Search and Maps. You can personalize your profile with photos, offers, posts. The profile offers you a link to your website, links directions. You can list the times your business is open. Maximize this great opportunity. You can show your products, your reviews and get some free visibility to help your Roofing marketing.

Be a Problem Solver

Your job is to solve your customer’s problems. They are not looking for a Roofing company unless they need one.

  • Their roof has a leak – you can fix it.
  • They need a new roof – you can provide it.
  • The roof has hail damage – you can repair it.

Sure, lot’s of companies can fix the leak. So, why should they choose your Roofing company?

This is where you need to show your competitive advantage. Not only can you fix the leak, your company is better than the competition. For example – you offer free estimates, 24/7 service, qualified staff.

Reviews Count

Make sure your ads include great customer reviews. 84% of consumers trust on-line reviews as much as personal recommendations. This means that many people will be more likely to click through to your ad if they see a good customer review.

For your 2022 roofing marketing ads, make sure that you leave space to have at least one customer testimonial. Be careful not to let the review dominate the ad, however. Your ad still has to convey all the important information that customers need. This way they can contact you easily. Remember, you are not just addressing their pain. You are going to solve it efficiently, effectively and stress free.

Direct Mail Stands Out

You want your marketing to stand out. And you want your message to go right into your prospect’s homes. And – the right prospect’s homes.

For example, you will want to buy a mailing list to target the right homeowners in your area. They may have homes than are more than 15 years old. These are better prospects for your roofing company than just selecting all single family homes. When you target your mailing list, you have the opportunity to really fine-tune the people you want to mail to.

Direct mail is the only way you can insure your message will get to your specific target market.
Direct mail drives engagement. Your mail will stand out if you use over-sized postcards, bright colors or graphics. And, select the right  direct mail list.

Social Media Advertising

There’s more to social media marketing than posting on Facebook and Twitter a few times a day. If you want to build your brand, engage your prospects, and increase sales, it takes time and work.

The three main types of social media advertising are:

  • Organic: Content that picks up views naturally and you don’t pay for.
  • Paid: Content that an organization sponsors and therefore costs money to post.
  • Earned: Content that has been given freely in the form of shares, likes, and comments.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform. It offers marketers some of the robust most data and the most precisely targeted ads.

Facebook Ads walks you through the process, so even the newest social media marketers may be able to succeed on the platform. Take some time, go in and tool around. This way you can decide if this is something you can do yourself. If you want to use paid ads, you are able to target by geography,by age, income, and homeownership status.

If you want to try your hand at organic marketing, you might want to try creating content. By that I mean articles and blogs about roofing that people might be interested in reading.  This is another way for you to drive traffic to your website.

But first you need to decide your goal. Do you want to drive traffic to your website, drive conversions, promote your Facebook Page or get engagement on your post?

Work With Professionals

It’s wonderful that I’m telling you all these great things you can do. So what’s the hottest roofing marketing tip for 2022? Use a professional to help you craft your strategy and get your lead generation program working smoorthly.

Think about it. I wouldn’t try to fix my own roof because I’m not a roofing specialist. You shouldn’t try to create your own lead generation program because that’s not your business.



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