Revolut Premium

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Definitely, one of the latest problems in the life of people around the world is connected to their financial activities, how they can control and use new services in this regard. With the new updates in the sphere of technology, this issue became more bold than before; however, the new type of services and platforms stepped forward and started to provide their services for people around the world. In this short article, we want to write about the online platform of revolut, its services and how its premium plan can be special for online customers around the world.

Revolut & Its Services 

As mentioned above, revolut is providing users with the ability to make exchanges and buy crypto and gold, also manage their funds as easily as possible with the special financial analytic that is available in this platform for more ease of customers around the world. Currently more than 15 million users are using this platform because with revolut they will be able to manage their budget, get spending notification, see weekly financial activities and connect all their other bank accounts to this platform to manage all in one program. Also revolut is providing daily rewards for its users in case of spending and saving their funds. Additionally to all mentioned services, customers will be able to send money instantly, securely, fast and without any extra fees with this platform. Should be noted, that revolut is providing special physical cards for its customers that are linked to their account, can be easily managed by mobile app and will allow users to have cash from any ATMs in case of need.

Revolut Premium

Nevertheless, with all services that revolut currently is providing for its customers, it is also offering four different plans for more ease of use: Standard, Plus, Premium and Metal. Among all noted plans, the premium plan is more popular among users because it offers confident spending, smarter savings and easier investments worldwide. It is also providing global travel insurance in case of emergency medical needs, delayed flights or unexpectable troubles in trips. Additionally it will make the money transfer faster and with the interbank exchange that can help customers to save more funds. Also for more ease of customers, security of their transactions, revolut in this plan will provide users with virtual cards that after each use will change to the new one and users will be able to have it by the revolute mobile app. Should be noted that the revolut premium cards are covering more than 180 countries and for using this plan and its services, customers will need to make a monthly 6.99 pounds payment.


In recent years, with all the difficulties that the world is facing, the ideas and platforms like revolut with all their special plans and services, can make life easier for people around the world. Surely the future updates and improvements by revolute can make this platform more popular than before among users around the world.