QR codes on award shows: an interactive audience experience

The 2022 MTV Movie and TV Awards recently concluded on June 5th, with Vanessa Hudgens as its host.

Much to the fans’ amazement, Zendaya and Tom Holland were among the winners.

People from all over the world watch events like these to support their favorite stars through their TV, laptop, or phone screens.

Needless to say, it’s less enjoyable for them than for those lucky enough to be in the live audience.

But did you know that event organizers can use a QR code generator to create a fun and interactive viewing experience for home and live audiences?

If you are curious about this, keep reading to learn more.

How to use QR codes on award shows

1. Live voting

Organizers can flash a QR code on viewers’ screens that will route them to a website where they can cast their votes for a specific category in real-time.

They can use a dynamic QR code to set it to expire at a specific time. Viewers can no longer access the voting website even though they took a photo of the flashed QR code.

2. Check remaining awards and performances

It’s often hard to keep track of a live event’s program flow.

Organizers can use a multi-URL QR code to provide their audiences with a list of the awards to be announced and upcoming performances.

This QR code can route scanning viewers to a different landing page depending on when they scan the code.

For instance, a user scanning 30 minutes into the event will find another webpage when they scan the same code after an hour.

3. Engaging advertisements

Remember those Super Bowl ads that used QR codes? Just last February, Coinbase’s QR Code Superbowl ad caused their app to crash as it went viral. 

Well, award shows can actually do the same thing with better ad placement.

QR code ads can engage home viewers to participate by scanning them with their smartphones.

Organizers can work with brands to give fans freebies and other incentives to use on their next purchase or transaction with the brand.

4. Ease in finding seats

Live audience will find their designated seats faster if event managers use a QR code generator to create multiple unique QR codes.

Each QR code will guide attendees to their reserved seats or table, making it more convenient.

5. QR codes on tickets

Award show management can also add QR codes to their tickets to quickly record them on their inventory system and database.

Security personnel will only scan the QR code on the tickets as guests enter to quickly verify their authenticity. This is a great way to fend off counterfeit tickets.

Who would have thought that QR codes could also work in live events and award shows?

This innovative technology leads to new opportunities in the entertainment industry, from creating an interactive viewing experience to opening a new marketing strategy for brands.