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When you run a business, it’s essential to keep your personal and professional expenses separate. When it comes time to file taxes, you may find you haven’t done that as well as you would like. That’s just one of the reasons why accounting skills are so important for entrepreneurs. This time of year, understanding your accounts and your business’s financial situation is absolutely imperative to maximize your tax advantages.

This nine-course bundle is taught by James Forjan, Ph.D., CFA (4.1/5 instructor rating), founder of Analyst Prep. Forjan has been teaching business classes for more than 25 years in Pennsylvania and received his CFA charter in 2004. He’s been a long-time staple in the online accounting education world.

This complete course load is aimed at CFA Level 1, giving you a comprehensive introduction to Certified Financial Analysis. Starting with the absolute basics, you’ll learn about the high ethical standards in the investment industry, understand the structure of the CFA Institute Professional Conduct Program, and know why GIPS standards were created.

From there, you’ll delve into quantitative methods, learning how to interpret interest rates, calculate and interpret relative and cumulative relative frequencies, and more. In the economics course, you’ll learn how to calculate and interpret price, income, and cross-price elasticities of demand; explain relationships between price, marginal revenue, marginal cost, economic profit, and elasticity; and much more. And, of course, there are deep dives into corporate finance, financial reporting and analysis, portfolio management, and more.

Become more attuned to your business’s finances ahead of tax filing. Right now, you can get The All-In-One CFA Level 1 Exam Certification Prep Bundle on sale for just $149.

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