How to Choose the Best Polyethylene Foam Packaging Solution for your Industry?

If you have a manufacturing industry it remains important to choose the best cushioning foam for the packaging, regardless of the products you make, in order to protect the goods during transport and storage. It applies to all types of merchandise but especially if you manufacture fragile and valuable objects. In this regard, polyethylene foam is a perfect industrial packaging solution. So, how do your select the right polyethylene foam to pack your products? You will find here the answers.

Take the Product’s Specificities into Account when Choosing the PE Foam

First of all, you have to consider the weight of each of your product categories before ordering your polyethylene foam packaging rolls or planks. As a matter of fact, the heaviest objects require polyethylene foam with the highest density. It is also the case for very fragile items. You should know that high density foams offers the best protection. They are also the most expensive so, if your finished products are no that fragile, low density foam packaging will fit perfectly. Just opt for non cross-linked polyethylene foam to be sure of the quality and the robustness.

Choose the Right PE Packaging Foam according to the Transport and Storage Criteria

The second parameter to be taken into account is the way of transport that you choose to ship your finished products. Of, the type or the polyethylene foam packaging used for plane cannot be the same for boat or road transport. Thus, the shipping conditions will influence your choice considerably. In general, products have to make a lot of trips from the factory to the customer. It is then essential to pick the most adapted cushioning foam for the packaging. While stored in transit warehouses, they may undergo moisture and significant temperature changes.

Moreover, the shipping distance is another crucial criterion that you have to consider your finished products have be sent to other countries. It highly recommended to ensure that the package will land totally intact, under normal conditions of transport. Even if preserving the original condition of all the products is the first goal, it is also important to keep the condition of the packaging because it will trigger the first impression. And we all know that customers’ first impression is always critical. They will not accept to buy damaged packaging if its content is intact. Therefore, every industry has to choose the perfect polyethylene foam packaging solutions for their products.

Why Choose Polyethylene Foam as a Packaging Solution?

First of all, it is a versatile solution that can adapt to any kind of industrial products. You can find on the market different types of polyethylene foams packaging solutions such as antistatic foams and recycled foams which are perfect to favor environmentally responsible practices. The choice of the density and the design depends on the level of fragility of your products, as well as on their sizes. It is easy to transport and to use thanks to its very light weight. If needed, you will not have any difficulty to clean it thanks to its smooth internal surface.

The other advantage of polyethylene as a packaging solution for industries is its low cost. It enables optimal protection to all of your finished products. Compared to other material like steel, fiberglass or other forms of plastic, it is way cheaper despite this effectiveness. Eventually, the cost price is lower and you can afford to also propose lower prices and deal better with competition. Moreover, PE foam is solid and resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Your products will be protected from any aggression. Polyethylene foam is also insulating and the best models are treated with anti-UV agents, perfect to highlight your industry environmental responsibility.

More about Polyethylene Foam Packaging

Effective but cheap, synthetic but 100 recyclable, polyethylene foam is just perfect for all industries that want to find the best packaging solution. But this high level of perfection was not achieved by accident. Indeed, it all started in 1898 when the German chemist Hans von Pechmann discovered polymethylene by heating unstable and toxic diazomethane CH2N2 with the release of dinitrogen. At that time, this great pioneer obtained waxy product that British chemists of the Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) managed to perfect (accidentally) and named polyethylene a few years later. That is why ICI was the first company to manufacture PE which had then 0.95 of density.

Over the course of time, the manufacturing process of polyethylene foam has made good progress. There are more and more manufacturers and different densities are available to match every industrial need. You also have the choice in terms of design and size. According the products you need to pack and protect, you can opt for polyethylene planks, rolls or bags. Just make sure that select a reliable manufacturer like Novostrat.