How to choose a walk in cold room

If you’re considering purchasing a walk in cold room there are a few variables you need to consider. You’re looking for excellent insulation, a durable and non-slip floor, a system that’s powerful enough to offer the clearance and cooling you need and a door that can withstand constant use.


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Once you’ve nailed down those basics, here are the questions you need to ask yourself before you make your final purchasing decision.

Fresh or frozen?

Not all walk in cold rooms will maintain the same temperatures – a freezer will keep food frozen at or near 0 degrees while a refrigerator holds food at around 5 degrees C. A freezer will have thicker panels and a more powerful refrigeration unit.

What capacity do you need?

Sizing can depend on several factors – not just the amount of food you want to store but the size of the space you have available, including the ceiling height, and the amount of storage space you need now and in the future. For guidance, 28lbs of food requires 1 cubic foot of storage space.


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What’s your space?

Walk in cold rooms like those available from are intended to be installed inside but outdoor installation is possible if necessary – ensure you erect a rain roof and a winterising kit if the unit is likely to encounter freezing weather. For indoor installations don’t forget to allow clearance space for proper ventilation.

Is it easy to use?

If you’re investing in a walk in cold room, you’ll be using it every day. That means you need to look for ease of use features like eyeline level temperature displays and simple programming. Safety systems and simple and smooth door operation are other features you should look for.

What’s the energy consumption?

We all want to be able to cut our energy consumption while still being able to get the job done. Buy the highest energy rated cold room you can get for your budget and make sure it’s correctly installed to minimise energy usage. Use an insulated floor and look for a unit that uses low energy LEDs.

Does it have a warranty?

Obviously you don’t invest in something like a cold room expecting it to break down. But if the worst should happen it’s a good idea to have a peace of mind warranty.