Cerboni Financial Services Helps Business Owners Build Their Future


Based in Houston and servicing clients across the country, Cerboni Financial Services plans and implements cost-saving strategies to help restaurant groups grow their business and make smart financial decisions. Cerboni offers an array of consulting solutions that empower restaurant groups to take control of their financial and operational systems. Through streamlined services, the firm helps restaurants navigate back-office details by providing industry-specific knowledge and implementing highly-focused accounting systems developed by the Cerboni team. The firm’s services provide relief for restaurant owners, managers and more, allowing clients to focus on expanding their business and fulfilling their passions.

“Our goal at Cerboni is to relieve the burden business owners face by taking things like back-office work off their plate to give them the freedom to focus on their trade,” said Joshua Santana, Co-Owner of Cerboni. “We pride ourselves on finding ways to save money and improve systems for our clients.”

Through incredible attention to detail and top-notch customer service, Cerboni provides clients with a concierge experience. The team is fully comprised of professional accountants, and the firm helps save restaurant owners time and money through back-office management, payroll, financial forecasting and reporting, strategic financial planning and more. Cerboni can fully acquire the administration roles and take the load off the shoulders of clients, and through a unique service not offered by other firms, can even step into the role of CFO. This takes the expense and stress off the business while providing the valuable resources of the role. The company also provides specialized accounting services including managing payroll, automatization of accounts payables, and cash flow management, assessing tax benefits and consulting on all financial decisions.

Additionally, Cerboni can conduct a detailed analysis of a company’s inventory and provide insight on how to control and manage cost by creating a budget per account and target profitability. For restaurant vendors, the team can fully integrate control systems, providing valuable insight into a company’s margins. This information provides business owners with a clear picture of where their money is being spent.

“Coming from a background in hospitality, I’ve seen the struggles business owners can face firsthand,” said Maria Degaine, Co-Owner of Cerboni. “Our top priority is truly helping others through outstanding service so they can watch their company flourish and grow.”

About Cerboni Services
Houston-based accounting firm, Cerboni is an accounting and financial company specialized in the restaurant industry. Through streamlined services such as back-office management, inventory management, financial forecasting and reporting, strategic financial planning and much more, the firm provides valuable and industry- specific operational knowledge for clients, saving them time and money. The Cerboni team has developed and implements highly-focused accounting systems to relieve the burden for business owners, managers and more, allowing clients to focus on building their business and chasing their passion.


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