Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren speaks with Yahoo Finance [Transcript]

Erwin Oropesa

Eric Rosengren, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, spoke with Yahoo Finance to discuss fears over a second wave of the novel coronavirus and the Fed’s new approach to inflation.

Below is a transcript of his appearance on September 24:

ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: This morning’s disappointing jobless claims numbers will certainly be on the minds of Fed leaders today. Chair Jerome Powell is due back on Capitol Hill this morning and our Fd correspondent Brian Cheung is here now with the president of the Boston Fed, Eric Rosengren. Hi Brian.

BRIAN CHEUNG: Good morning Alexis, Good morning President Rosengren. How are you?

ERIC ROSENGREN: Good morning, Brian. Good to be with you.

BRIAN CHEUNG: So I want to chat a little bit about the jobless claims numbers that did come out this morning as Alexis was alluding to. We’re past six months into this pandemic, still over

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The Ins and Outs of Selling a Fashion or Luxury Business

Erwin Oropesa

The global pandemic has not only generated what looks like a prolonged economic crisis, but also shifted people’s sentiment toward consumerism. How the fashion industry will be affected in the long term is a difficult question to answer.

Looking at the medium term, there is one topic that can be immediately discussed: In the current context, is it worth thinking about selling the business you built over the last few years or decades?

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In short, the answer is “yes” if you believe you’ve reached the stage where the future of your firm is more likely to benefit from being part of a large group than if it were to remain independent. As you know, a large corporation can easily flex its muscle in such areas as advertising and media buying, customer data and analytics, commercial partnerships, online and brick-and-mortar retail, IT and technology, logistics and finance.


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HP Stock Details And Other Information For Traders

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HP is a famous company worldwide that is products like the laptop, PC, and much other hardware, and even the software components are bought by customers. The quality of the products that this company is high and so even though this is an American company, it has grown as a multinational company and having a lot of branches worldwide. Therefore most of the traders like to make the investment in the NYSE: HPQ only.

Make your investment profitable.

In the recent august month of the year 2020, the S&P Global market intelligence has reported that even though the S&P rate has increased seven percent, still the NYSE: HPQ stock has risen still further by 11 percent. The investors short term losses have been decreased gradually because of this. You know that most of the industries and other business enterprises have faced a huge economic problem during the pandemic situation. But … Read More