Buying the Best Health Insurance Plan

A visit to the hospital is something that a lot of us dread. First and foremost are the consequences of the medical conditions. One must bear the pain and inconvenience caused either by the condition or the medical procedure. And then, there is the financial aspect of it. In the current day, a normal medical condition that requires admission to a hospital in a metro for a few days, can set you back by INR 50,000 to INR 70,000. Of course, it largely depends on the procedure and the hospitals, but a hefty price is that one must pay.

What this also does it, shift your or your loved one’s focus away from medical treatment to look for funds for the same. This is a distraction that one can easily avoid with the purchase of the best health insurance plan online. A health insurance plan either partially or completely can take care of medical and surgical related expenses of an individual or their family members.

It is an agreement between a policyholder and an insurer. The insurer will offer you with cover for the mentioned situations and you need to pay a premium in return. It is essential to buy a health insurance for the following reasons.

  • To ensure that you are not distracted by gathering funds for a medical procedure.
  • The lack of an insurance might lead to a policyholder or their dependents not getting access to the best possible medical treatment due to the costs involved.
  • It is an ideal way to keep yourself and your loved ones away from any sort of sudden medical conditions.
  • Individuals who opt for the best health insurance plan, are more likely to undergo medical tests and as a result are less prone to medical risks.

How to Spot the Best Health Insurance Plans?

For potential buyers of the policy, one of the ideal ways to spot the best health insurance plans is to compare them on There are two different approaches that you can undertake for this exercise. Firstly, you can visit the website and take a note of their offerings and ask for quotes. Then you can choose the best by assessing all the options at hand.

Coverfox will help you out with comparing the best health insurance plans out there. You just need to enter some basic information and click on submit button. The website will scan through all the insurers and provide you with a list. You can use any of the following parameters to choose the best health insurance plan from the same.

  • Budget

Without a predefined budget, it can get a bit difficult to zero down on a health plan. Have a pre-set budget and look for a plan around that.

  • Features

Depending on your needs and requirements, there might be some specific features that you require. For starters, you might want to include a few pre-existing conditions or want co-pay option or not.

  • Claims

At the end of the day, a health plan must be simple to claim. Look for an insurer who can offer you the same.

  • Member Addition

A new addition to the family is one of the happiest occasions that one can expect for. Having a health plan that allows for the easy addition of new members is definitely something that one must look for.

Advantages of Buying the Best Health Insurance Plans

Using the comparison websites like for deciding on an ideal health plan can serve you in more ways than you can think of. The following are some of the advantages of comparing and buying the best health insurance plans.

  • Affordable

In comparison, different insurers offer quotes for the same parameters that you have provided. Thus, you can pick up a plan that best suits your budget.

  • Feature-Loaded

During comparison, you have the option to find a policy that gives the right balance between premium price and features on offer.

  • Transparency

When you compare, there is a bit of research that you need to do. Thereby ensuring that you know a bit more about the policy than you normally would.

Should you take into consideration the above point, you will be able to buy the best health insurance policy out there.