All about Ovguide and itsreviews

OVGuide was a multimedia search engine or a website aggregator and allow users to find high-quality videos, movies, TV shows, and films, similarly like Putlockers. It connects and organizes an easy to use multimedia directory of more than 3000 movie and video sites. The site was found in 2006 and OVGuide stands for Online Video Guide. Currently, it is no longer available, since it was acquired by FOTV Media Networks Inc., for over $10M in 2016.

Basics of OVGUIDE:

The OVGuide provides many browsing options, but the navigation at the left-hand side of the site is logically planned for users not to get overwhelmed. Beside this, a search box and Top Searches, Now Watching and Most Recent lists right under that, Featured Sites and A-Z Site Index, all these give the users even more option to find out what they might look for. Being a large site and much to look for, it is always better to simply browse and find out what it has to offer.

As OVGuide was a directory and provide links to thousands of resources, so it doesn’t host the movies, television shows and videos that are found linked. So how you watch the contents depends on the site that actually hosts the content of the selected link. This makes OVGuide a very convenient resource to find online videos for the searchers, by using these search resources for finding content across a wide variety of platforms. So instead of visiting each individual content publishers, the searchers can use OVGuide for tracking various pieces of multimedia and they can either watch it through OVGuide or navigate to the original hosting site.


For the searcher’s assurance on pointing to the good multimedia links, each site, as submitted by the users are editorially reviewed for content and quality. So OVGuide has an attractive policy on adding the sites to their directory. Once a site is approved for inclusion, the same is categorized based on the niche content. Though specific video titles are not reviewed by the editors, the overall quality of the site like, checking for enough unique video content, potential spyware, excessive ads or other factors that could make a video site unacceptable for inclusion. Further quality control is done by allowing users to rate and comment on the sites found in OVGuide that are usually available in the OVguide review page.

Since OVGuide is a multimedia search engine or directory and also well-organized with an enormous amount of high-quality contents, so it is a perfect way to find all sorts of TV shows, films, videos and documentaries. The site was also very frequently get updated with the new contents, any sort of inconvenient downtime was rarely experienced and even for the most discerning searcher, it offers a wide variety of multimedia. So it is a one-stop multimedia resource online and offers free, the best multimedia content on the Web. As the contents found in the OVGuide are not actually hosted by it and found at other video and multimedia sites around the Web, so this makes OVGuide a very valuable resource. The searchers, if not found any content using other search tools can use it to discover their search contents.You can always check Ovguide review for more details.

In February 2009, OVGuide participated as one of the live streamers of Leeza Gibbons ‘A Night to Make a Difference’ at Mr Chow, an Oscar dinner and charity celebration and the event marked the first time an Academy Awards Oscar Party that was streamed online to a live worldwide audience. After acquiring, OVGuide is redesigned into an improved version in 2010. OVGuide became a live event guide too after acquiring Live Matrix in 2012.