AIOSEO WordPress plugin integrates Microsoft Clarity


The latest version of the AIOSEO (All in One SEO) WordPress plugin (4.1.9) adds integration with Microsoft Clarity. Clarity is Microsoft’s free analytics tool that provides insights into on-site user behavior.

Clarity’s dashboard shows a visual overview of user behavior. Then you can dive deeper into heatmaps (to see where users interact most often and how far they scroll) and session recordings (to see mouse movements, clicks, taps and scrolls for all users, across pages and devices).

AIOSEO is installed on more than 3 million websites. Clarity, which came out of beta in 2020, has also been integrated with Bing Webmaster Tools and Microsoft Advertising.

How to activate Clarity in AIOSEO. Go to:

  • General Settings » Webmaster Tools Verification
  • Click on the Microsoft Clarity icon
  • If you don’t have one already, you’ll be prompted to create a Clarity project.
  • Fill in your details. 
  • Copy and paste your Clarity tracking code.
  • Click Save. 

It will take Clarity a couple of hours to gather data. 

Why we care. This integration of Microsoft Clarity and AIOSEO will give you more analytics data to see what users actually do on your site. Search engines want to reward websites that provide a good user experience with better rankings. So use this information to help identify areas where you can improve and optimize your website to provide a better overall user experience (reducing bounce rate, optimizing content, adjusting design elements, improving conversion rates, etc.). 

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