Accounting in Israel

Any organization necessarily needs the services of a professional accountant. This can be a full-time employee, and you can also contact special companies that provide such services part-time like here and enjoy a high quality of the service combined with many years of experience and deep knowledge of the legal framework.

Features of working with a third-party accounting company

Outsourcing has a number of features and benefits. Among them are:

  • significant cost savings on the maintenance of accounting;
  • you get high quality services, all specialists in this area are thoroughly experienced in this area;
  • there are no risks, you place all the risks on the performer;
  • full confidentiality.

Variety of accounting services

The following types of accounting services should be distinguished:

  • Consulting is a fairly common service that is in great demand among many enterprises if you need to control the process of your accounting, as well as if you are faced with certain specifics.
  • Selective outsourcing is when you transfer part of the accounting responsibilities to a third-party company. It can be full when the company deals with all your accounting or related to the reporting of your operations.

The main differences of accounting in Israel

Accounting in Israel is conducted according to the country’s laws. Here are the main differences:

• there are no charts of accounts in Israel;

• you need to obtain special documents in the bank, which are called the approval of the bank;

• a lot of transactions in Israel are paid for with checks.

Based on this, you should be very careful when choosing a company that will deal with your accounting.

Services provided by are the following:

• Consulting on the choice of the ownership type.

• Company registration.

• Building a complete accounting system for your company.

• Preparation and submission of reports.

• Optimization of taxation.

Turning to professionals for help, you will not regret your choice.