5 Tips for Protecting Your Commercial Building in the Snow

Winter is coming, which means snow and lots of it for some business owners. While owners who have been in business for a while likely already know firsthand the havoc snow and frost can wreak on a commercial building, one of the worst mistakes newcomers can make is failing to prepare the building for the elements. Get ready for the snowy weather ahead and avoid costly repairs with the following five tips.

  1. Inspect and Monitor Your Commercial Roof

Snow and frost can cause problematic leaks and even lead to roof collapse if left to build up long enough. Make any necessary repairs in the fall before the first snowfall and look into roof snow removal plans for monitoring how much snow is in on your roof at all times.

  1. Check the Efficiency of Your HVAC System

If you were considering making any upgrades to your HVAC system to make it more energy-efficient, before the start of winter is a great time to do it. Prepare your system by cleaning air filters, replacing damaged equipment, fixing leaks, and cleaning heating ducts. Also, check your thermostat for accuracy to best monitor your energy use.

  1. Winter-Proof Plumbing Systems

Frozen or bursting pipes are a common but expensive issue when temperatures start to plummet. Invest in your plumbing system by insulating your pipes, closing outside hose connections, and inspecting your water heater for signs for corrosion.

  1. Seal Windows

Avoid letting in moisture and keep energy bills low by sealing windows early on. Weatherstripping, replacing damaged windows, caulking, adding insulation, and investing in storm windows can all help combat snow and wind in the winter.

  1. Winterize Your Landscape

Get your landscape ready for the snow by shutting down your irrigation system and ensuring your grass is and other vegetation are graded correctly. Protect non-native plants and trim tree limbs that can break and cause damage to your building.