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From an entrepreneur with too many ideas… to one with too many businesses. From one who’s ready to step up and lead their community, to one with a course but no idea who it’s for or how to launch it. And to one who’s not ready to make the entrepreneurial leap but is thinking about the future all the same.

These are the stories of the featured guests in five of the biggest episodes of AskPat from 2021. We’re revisiting those stories today—and sharing an exciting update about the future of AskPat!

#1: I Have Too Many Business Ideas—What Do I Do and Where Do I Start? (July 8)

Chris Fleck is a person of many talents—art, comedy, video production—but his artistic blessings are a curse when it comes to creating a business. He’s feeling pulled in multiple directions, and spinning his wheels as a result.

Does this feel familiar? A lot of entrepreneurs worry that they’ll lose out when they choose one path and leave the others behind. 

#2: How Do I Test and Launch My Course When I Have Zero Reach? (August 12)

You may have heard of a little book Pat wrote called Will It Fly?, which is all about how to test your next business idea so you don’t waste your time and money.

This conversation with Will Barton from BootSpy is a great case study for the Will It Fly? approach. You see, Will has started building something, but he hasn’t yet found the people who might actually want to buy it. Is he putting the cart before the horse? Listen to find out.

#3: How Do I Step Up and Become a Voice for the Community I Want to Lead? (July 15)

Heba wants to be more of a leader for her community, but she’s struggling with how to brand and position herself. 

There are plenty of tactics that can come in handy when it comes to building your online presence and extending your reach. And a bit of hustle doesn’t hurt either. But, as you’ll learn in this episode, patience is just as important as all of those things.

#4: Can I Succeed Managing Two Websites AND Still Balance My Life? (September 9)

In business and in life, it’s possible to have what might be considered good problems. And Daz Cater’s problem might fit that description. He has two cool websites with decent audiences, one focused on retro gaming and the other on Disney travel planning.

But he’s also a full-time construction worker as well as a husband and dad to two—so something’s gonna have to go. Which will it be?

#5: When Do I Leave My Full-Time Job to Go All-in on My Business? How Do I Know? (March 18)

Ever feel like you’re at a crossroads? Like you’re being called to leave behind the 9-to-5 and jump into entrepreneurship, but you don’t feel ready? Music teacher Matthew wants to know how to set himself up for success in making that leap.

Pat and Matthew run through a few thought experiments—even a little time travel—to help Matthew uncover what’s holding him back from moving forward, then dig into potential next steps. Sometimes, as you’ll see today, those steps aren’t crystal clear after one coaching call—but that’s okay, as long as you’re headed in a good direction and committed to the process.

Outro: Change Is A-Comin’ to AskPat 2.0

Speaking of new directions, we’ve got exciting news to share on the AskPat 2.0 front!

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that SPI and Pat are all about experimentation, seeing what works, being willing to try new things and switch things up. And that’s what we’re doing with AskPat 2.0.

Say hello to the next iteration of AskPat: the Smart Bar

The Smart Bar Podcast Cover
The Smart Bar is the expanded evolution of AskPat 2.0, a podcast that brings in business superheroes to answer your burning questions.

The Smart Bar is a new show—still on the AskPat feed!—that unites experts from all over the world on one podcast, answering critical questions from entrepreneurs, makers, creators, doers, and more.

Each week, you’ll hear a different question answered by a different expert, sometimes through a coaching call that you get to listen in on.

Those amazing experts include:

  • Glen Allsopp, SEO guru and founder of Viper Chill
  • Heather Osgood, podcast ad expert
  • Nir Eyal, bestselling author and behavioral designer
  • Jeff Goins, writer, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur
  • and more…

Basically, if AskPat 2.0 has been Pat’s superhero show, the Smart Bar is our Marvel Universe of business superheroes.

We hope you’ll tune in.

Visit SmartPassiveIncome.com/shows/smart-bar/ to learn more and submit your question!


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