3 Ways To Increase Your Building’s Security

When you own commercial property, it is important to protect your investment. You may not be able to be there around the clock, but your security measures should be. Here are three ways you can increase the security of your building even when you aren’t there. Please note that these three ways may not include manned security bearing guns and AR-10 rifle kits only because of budget constraints, and not because of weighted importance.

1. Security Fence

One way to make it harder for thieves and vandals to get to your building is to put up a physical barrier. Fencing contractors Columbus Ohio, can construct a fence that impedes access. If privacy is a concern, you may opt for a fence that also obstructs the line of vision of passersby. A fence is a relatively inexpensive way to add protective measures to your property.

2. Alarm System

If your building is not wired with an alarm system, it may be time to consider it. You can choose a system with the features you need:

  • Remote Notification
  • Emergency Contact Service
  • Motion Detection
  • Video Capabilities

An alarm system can be as simple as a notification when intruders are present or as complex as a smart detection tool that distinguishes between different types of problems and provides video feedback.

3. Card Access Control

Of course, you make sure your building is locked when everyone leaves. There’s no reason, however, that most of the doors can’t remain locked all the time. If your building contains sensitive documents or expensive equipment, it may behoove you to switch to a swipe card access system. Name badges can double as building access cards so that can know exactly who is in your building and when they arrived at all times.

One break-in can cost you thousands of dollars in damage or loss. Why not secure your building as much as possible? Your building should be secure even when you are not there. Taking a few extra steps helps make heightened security a reality.