7 Tech Stocks to Buy With Breakout Potential for the Second Half of the Year

Erwin Oropesa

Tech stocks have been volatile trades so far in 2021, and we’re liable to see more wild swings in the near future. As the global economy reopens, investors increasingly find themselves in an ambivalent position where they need to choose between cyclical “old economy” stocks and high-growth tech stocks.

Many tech names have seen occasional pullbacks over the past few months. Yet the NASDAQ 100 index, up over 14% so far in the year, has also hit a new all-time high in recent days. And this continuous growth is precisely why the tech sector presents compelling buying opportunities. Today we’ll discuss some of the best tech stocks to buy in July and hold for the long run.

As innovation always plays a crucial role in promoting growth, tech names will continue to be the primary growth driver behind the stock market.

Here are 7 tech stocks to buy with

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