Diversity Across the Curriculum (November 2021)

Erwin Oropesa

This course will give journalism educators an opportunity to make a real impact on the future diversity, inclusion and equity efforts of American newsrooms when they model those values in the classroom. This online group seminar will empower you to examine your current teaching materials and curriculum with an eye toward inclusion and representation, and give you the tools and skills to diversify your lessons, examples, speakers and more. Diversity Across the Curriculum is a reincarnation of a beloved Poynter program from the early 2000s. The call to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in the classroom persists two decades later — and is perhaps more urgent than ever. Poynter is proud to bring it back to serve the needs of educators in a post-2020 world.

Your lead faculty is Dr. Earnest Perry, associate dean of graduate studies at the University of Missouri, a researcher, educator and consultant who specializes

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