Do tech, finance moves to Miami mean jobs?

Erwin Oropesa

Michael Martocci, CEO Of SwagUp, a tech company newly arrived in Miami that makes gear or “swag” for businesses, has set up shop at the Ironside development in Little River.

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Dave Fano is a Miami kid through and through.

His father, a native of Cuba, owned his own building and contracting business at a shop in Hialeah. The house the elder Fano built was twice featured on ‘Miami Vice.’

Dave Fano became an artsy type sitting at his father’s drafting table. He enrolled at Florida International University to study design while still working part-time for his father’s firm.

When it came time to graduate, the opportunity presented by Columbia University’s architecture graduate program school proved too enticing to keep him around the Magic City. As soon as he was accepted, he was gone to the Big Apple. There was no plan to return.

“I never thought

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