YFDAI Finance on Path to Push DeFi to the Limit, Starting with SafeSwap and Launchpad

Erwin Oropesa

Emerging decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, YFDAI Finance, announces the launch of two new services – SafeSwap and Launchpad, both key moves in the promotion of mass growth and adoption of DeFi services.

DeFi is becoming the “next big thing,” in which cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technology deploy for new uses and a widening user-base.  Among DeFi’s main selling points is the promise of better alternatives to what is offered in the traditional banking sector, in many cases at a fraction of the cost.  Additional advantages include ultra-low barriers to otherwise excluded financial service clients and better investment opportunities with attractive returns in comparison to conventional instruments. All of these aspects of DeFi will exist in a context of enhanced transparency, security, and user control over their funds.

SafeSwap is YFDAI’s decentralized exchange (DEX), created by a fork of the popular Uniswap platform. This DEX enables select crypto

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