ESG Investing Will Not Grow Successfully Without Global Data Standards And Regulations, Says OECD

Erwin Oropesa

The interest and growth in sustainable investing is an area that appears to have gained greater momentum since the COVID-19 crisis. The buzz in political and business circles is all about making our society more resilient and better equipped to deal with global crises.

It is as much about your personal health, as it is about the health of your wealth, and the health of your community, the company you work for, the government, and our planet. As important, it is about making our global village more resilient to crises that affect us all.

Last week, the OECD released its 2020 business and finance outlook report, Sustainable and Resilient Finance. The reports delivers a consequential and timely conclusion: ESG scoring and reporting has the potential to unlock a significant amount of information on the management and resilience of companies, but will require agreed global

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