There is a 50 percent chance Southern California’s main water agency could ration water deliveries by spring, according to a report released Tuesday. Related story: Scientists spot La Nina: Dry year ahead Previously, the agency said there was a 33 percent chance of rationing. “We would basically be.

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Keith Martin, chair of Earnley Parish Council, said the council had been briefed on the plans by Clearsprings Ready Homes, the Home Office’s contractor for providing short term accommodation for asylum seekers.He added he had been told that many of the asylum seekers would be from the migrant camps at Calais that French and British governments are trying to deal with.Clearsprings was also looking at other sites, he added.The plans for the dormitory style, staffed accommodation have sparked strong opposition from residents in the village of about 500 people nine miles south west of Chichester.In a written comment to Chichester District Council, David Williamson, of nearby Bracklesham Bay, said: “The infrastructure just isn’t big enough to cope with an influx of 200 people.”Not to mention the social aspect of 200 males aged 18 to 30 in a very small seaside town hanging around with nothing to do and no transport links.”James Pretorius, of Earnley, said he felt there was “a high likelihood that these individuals will have nothing better to do but linger in the local town and on the beach which could in turn have a knock on effect on the local tourism trade”.A spokesman said: “We can confirm that one of our contractors has submitted a planning application for a change of use for a site near Chichester.because generally speaking, nobody bombed them out of their homes or tried to ethnically cleanse them? a more valid angle for your argument would be ‘why don’t we use the money we’re spending exacerbating the issue by indiscriminately shelling small syrian townships on housing our homeless?’As a side note, at what point did the idea of someone pursuing a desire to do good become valid as a pejorative? calling someone a do gooder basically infers that you yourself are unwilling to do good and disagree with it is that what you’re intending to project out in the world? Strong look.We have a duty and a moral obligation to assist genuine refugees. However, far too many economic migrants are taking advantage of our lax systems and worming their way wholesale nfl jerseys in to this country. However, far too many economic migrants are taking advantage of our lax systems and worming their way in to this country.

There is a 50 percent chance Southern C