Guide to Deck Construction It is believed by many deck owners that adding a custom built deck will make best use of a backyard space. it is convenient and a fact that it encourages activities in all seasons. Enhancing your poolside, making use of a challenging terrain, making it part of your garden landscape, extending the living area of your home, and an alternative rendering to stone based features such as patios; these are just some of the uses for decks. Generally speaking, decks should approximately match the size or slightly larger than your interior rooms with the same function. This is to say that a deck intended for dining should be around the size or somewhat larger than your dining room; a deck intended for outdoor gathering should also slightly match the size of your living room, and so on. The furniture should also be considered and they should be larger than your indoor furniture. When you set your outdoor furniture you do so to allow greater space for circulation and traffic flow. The material you choose should also be based on how you want it to look, your budget, the best material for your climate, and of course an anticipation of how you want it to last.
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The most popular deck material is pressure treated pine since it is resistant to decay and termites and it is least expensive and has a respectable appearance. It is also is structurally superior compared to other soft wood assortments.
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Cedar is the most versatile since it has a natural ability to resist decay, light weight and easy to work with. Cedar is used in many architectural structures that characterizes a distinguished dwelling place. It is less prone to cracking and splintering like treated pine decks and hold up well in constant exposure to the sun. You can also combine cedar wood fiber and recycled material which is called composite as a decking material. Composites, unlike natural wood, have great appearance and are low maintenance materials; they are also resistant to moisture because of their density and they are less prone to bending and warping. Composite look very similar to natural wood and they are very easy to install. With composites maintenance is easy and they are very durable. Vinyl which was originally designed for marine docks is another popular option for residential decking. They are also very durable, clean in appearance, and low maintenance. This material also provides a wide variety of colors to match any adjacent structure or replicate any form of engagement that an owner wishes to attach it to.

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