Restructuring a company is a great way to re-create a business, whether you’re changing ownership, coming out of a hard time, or simply wanting to make more profitable ventures. A great place to start would be to find a space that you can work out of whilst fine tuning every detail, businesses such as Servcorp can help with finding the right office space for you; Servcorp is a leading provider of virtual office solutions. In the meantime, here are some tips for when you want to restructure your business from the ground up.

Know why you’re doing it

A great place to start would be the root of why everything is happening, locate why you’re wanting or needing this restructure so you can work everything out accordingly. If you’re restructuring due to a change of ownership, you can show this by changing the way the company is run, even the target audience, a change of ownership can basically breathe new life into an old business with the new owner bringing their own structures and strategies to the team, starting fresh would be a good way to attract new customers as well as entice old ones to stay. If you’re looking to restructure due to debt or another crisis, this is a good way to completely recreate your image and prove to customers, both old and new, that you have not only changed the company, but learnt and moved on from any hardships that the “old you” fell into.

Have a business plan

A business plan is imperative to the outline of what your business is and where it wants to head. You need to plan for the future when starting up or restructuring a business, a detailed structure of the direction the company is looking at taking and where it’s wanting to go can help your company set time periods for goals to track your achievement’s and also locate what methods and strategies are working and which ones are holding you back from making more profit. You can also use it as a managing tool with set dates for certain achievements and as a reference point in company meetings, or meetings with potential clients who are curious about your business ventures.

Change your look

The image of a business can be used as a reflection of that company, if you’re going through a complete restructure you may also want to consider changing the image of the company to show customers that you are changing and growing as a business. Changing the logo, the way you advertise, even the offices you use can really help make a difference in growing your company or pulling it out of any negative imaging should the company have fallen on hard times. Social networking is a good way you can change the image of your company that isn’t necessarily literally changing the look of it, you can change the way you brand yourself by the way you interact with customers and advertise your business, this can also help generate a new client base for you.

Whilst it may be difficult at times, restructuring is a great way to create a new image for yourself and your company, whether it is due to hardships or simply growing with the times and wanting to attract a whole new client base.  Good luck with the reinvention of your brand.


Stripping the Veneer | Restructuring Your Company from the Ground Up