Unfortunately that connector won’t be present on the final RevoDrive shipped for mass production. At some point we may see another version of the Revo with that connector. The idea is to be able to add a daughterboard with another pair of SF 1200 controllers and NAND to increase capacity and performance of the Revo down the line.

I didn’t see the sign until we paid our bill at the counter, but carnitas tacos, with slow cooked pork, were advertised for $1. The Wednesday I was there. They stayed for at least a half hour, walking loudly through the restaurant and yelling to each other across the room.

Paul came from a large family. He is survived by his brothers Peter (Darlene), Bill (Lorraine), and Daniel (Myrna) of Blackfoot, AB, Steve (Joan) of Spruce Grove, AB, and Joe (Joyce) of Bonnyville, AB; sisters Rose (John) Hrycauk of Bonnyville, AB, Helen (Mike) Kashuba of Lloydminster, SK, and Anne (Frank) Pap of Huntington Beach, CA; and sister in law Sandra (John) Espenhain of Kaleden, BC. Also nieces and nephews and their spouses and children too numerous to mention.

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However, not everything in Wal Mart’s success model sells in China. “Wal Mart has not always been as flexible as Carrefour in China. In the eyes of ordinary consumers, Wal Mart is still a ‘foreign superstore’ which hasn’t melted itself into people’s daily life,” says Haiqing Ni at economic trade commission of Jiangsu province.

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