See also the companion paper on Due Diligence Requirements for Coal Property Acquisition. I particularly liked the mining due diligence checklist prepared by Pincock Allen and Holt (see page 4 of the publication). Well I recall Kay Pincock bundling me into his luxury Chrysler New Yorker and taking us out into the Tucson desert for fine steaks.

You will be handling tools that spin at high Rpm as well as sharp objects. You will also be working with some solvents, so pleasework in well ventilated areas. Take extreme care and dont rush your work. “We are stocked. We have more than ever,” says Wayne Winsett, the owner of Time Warp Comics. His store specializes in comic books but also carries toys, role playing game equipment and clothing.

George Hess took the First Safe Harbor Artillery to war as an infantry company, joining Company D, 30th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, also known as the First Pennsylvania Reserves. The company was mustered on June 8, 1861. Hess was wounded at Charles City Crossroads in Virginia on June 30, 1862, and died as a prisoner of war July 4.

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Mabel Jones was a smart, diminutive lady who was in love with the tall 22 year old who was in harm’s way. Deep into studies in the law program at Washburn University, she patiently awaited his letters. The two fell in love in undergraduate school. His company’s crickets are not seasoned with spices or salt. After being baked, they’re packaged antennas, legs, eyes and all into 2 and 4 ounce resealable bags. The 2 ounce bag costs $15 and contains about 650 to 750 crickets.

See also the companion paper on D