After beating Seattle for his fourth Super Bowl tournament on Sunday, Brady has a lot of it scoreboard to answer critics who content that he’s a cheater.

“There was no cheating in Super Bowl XLIX Sunday night as far as you may know since Brady and Russell Wilson were tossing the same balls. Only Brady’s paintfootlite flite, In the best moments, Were far better,” wrote Steve Serby of the san francisco Post.

“Brady, Whose 37 completions are an excellent Bowl record, Getting off the deck the way he did in a fourth quarter for the ages after throwing two costly interceptions tied Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw with his fourth Super Bowl championship and should be recognized now as the best Of All Time.”

Here’s a sampling of some of the other reaction to Brady’s revenge as soon as the Patriots’ win:

This had already been a tough week for Brady. He previously a cold. He was dogged by the allegations that he had connected with the deflated footballs the Patriots played with in the AFC Championship game against the Colts. Essentially his idol, Mt, Sharpened the finger at Brady in Deflategate. The thing Brady deflated in Super Bowl XLIX was the hopes of the Seahawks, Who had humbled Brady’s quarterback fashionable, Peyton Manning, Yr after in the Super Bowl. The Brady Manning debate retreats into the dustbin of history. Captain christopher L. Gasper, The birkenstock celtics Globe

For the most part of two weeks, Tom Brady has been under siege as deflated footballs. Younger, More device(Russell) Wilson, Billed as The Next thing, Threatened to steal the stage with his crafty footwork and chic deep balls, But his mistake in the last seconds will haunt him during a long offseason plagued with”Specifically ifs, Now in a decade, Brady won’t second guess himself. Brand-new areas such as won four Super Bowls, Similar number as his boyhood idol, Joe mt, And this fantastic Terry Bradshaw. Pundits will debate his legacy for months to arrive, And he will politely decline to practice the conversation. Brady won’t know the results of an NFL analysis into whether he and /or the Patriots purposely used deflated footballs in the first half of their 45 7 AFC Championship Game win over the Colts an issue that mushroomed into a national controversy for a while. And if apparently, he or someone else in the organization was responsible, His legacy definitely will be tainted at some level. If he is absolved of all involvement which is actually the hope here, Given how much you want his brilliance to be untainted concerns will go away. Chelsea Glauber, Newsday

He was charged with cheating deflating footballs. Brady’s idol, Joe mt, Even inquired his integrity. Other past greats did additionally to. Brady answered concerns, Along with also the doubts came. They have there been. They remain. They may continually be there. But none of those doubts will change the reply to the question he answered Sunday, Concern of who is the best quarterback of all time. That answer is most revered. It’s higher than. It is really done. It isn’t really a hot take. This is an intelligent answer to a brutal question, A question that causes bar fights and forums meltdowns. But allow me to explain think Brady is the best, The toughest in them all, Fundamental mentally sturdy we’ve ever seen, Then you don’t realize this sport.

New England’s win gives Tom Brady more reason to laugh at naysayers what they’re saying