National Counterfeit administration StrategyEvaluation Report 1.0 government Summary The evaluation of the nation’s Counterfeit Enforcement Strategy(NCES), In the period 2007 2011, Was conducted by the RCMP National Program Evaluation Service in appointment with Public Safety Canada’s Evaluation Directorate. This test was conducted in conformity with the Treasury Board’s Policy on results. Its objective is to convey an evidence based, Neutral assessment of the relevance and gratification of the Strategy. The NCES was launched a duration of drastic increases in counterfeit currency in Canada. The degree of counterfeit currency in circulation reached its peak in 2004, Likely confidence in Canadian currency. Throughout the 2005, The Royal Canadian fitted Police(RCMP), In meeting with Public Safety Canada(PS) And your budget of Canada(BoC), Expanded the NCES. Funding essential to implement the NCES was approved in 2007 and scheduled to sunset in 2012. Plantar to five year funding agreement the RCMP received a total of $19.1 million in new methods, And PS confirmed $730,000. The BoC required no new funding to align cures and education activities with the NCES. Required, That RCMP reallocated $14.8 million in existing resources to support the NCES for a total of a staggering $34 million over five years. The 2012 Speech from the Throne announced that the NCES would receive 3 years of more funding. The setup of the NCES was intended to result in the following immediate outcomes: Reduce perform properly counterfeit bills through increased enforcement Improvement in successful prosecutions Decrease in buy counterfeit bills passed at retailers Instant outcomes would lead to an acceptable level of counterfeit currency in circulationFootnote 1, With the end result of increased confidence in the integrity of Canadian currency. There is a continued need for NCES to address the issue of replica currency in Canada. There is a 92% decrease in counterfeit activity since launching the NCES in 2005 custom dolphins jerseys, Producing more acceptable level of counterfeit currency in circulation. Despite the heavy decrease, Emerging technologies continue to challenge the protection of Canadian currency. Plus, Opportunities may exist to leverage the expertise and experience of ICETs to pursue other similar computer facilitated illicit activity including payment card fraud. The NCES is an appropriate response to the continued threat against Canadian currency and is aligned with government priorities and federal roles and conditions. Info was analyzed to measure NCES success in the areas of Prevention, Administration, And requested by prosecution. An research into the data collected during the evaluation indicates that, For part, The NCES has achieved or exceeded immediate outcomes of the plan, Contributing significantly towards the achievement of the intermediate outcome maintaining an acceptable level of counterfeit currency available. In total, The NCES has been successful in achieving results in an joyful manner. Several interviewees suggested the NCES focus should be expanded to keep pace with the other illicit activities such as payment card fraud and identity theft. Regional variations in prioritizing operations highlight the need for the NCES mandate to achieve a balance between available resources, Adaptability, And range. There must also be measures in place to ensure ICETs’ liability to the NCES mandate nfl custom jersey. Operation and Economy An analysis of budgeting records, Selection job interview, And relevant information shows that the NCES is an inexpensive approach to combating counterfeit currency. A review of financial data over the first four fiscal years indicated that most activities related to enforcement, Criminal justice and prevention were achieved at 76.7% of the probable cost. Full optimisation of available funding could have further enhanced enforcement activities by offsetting personnel resource issues, Increasing thinking ability capacity, And addressing training deficiencies. Despite, Efficiencies have been realized in forensic services offered by the nation’s Anti Counterfeit Bureau(NACB) And technical procedures custom bears jersey. The RCMP should adopt measures so that innovations and best practices are communicated between ICET units. The RCMP should establish clear policy regarding duties and expectations of Regional Coordinator positions to ensure that you have a consistent level of service delivery between Regions. The RCMP should ensure that members receive the skills and tools necessary to carry out their duties within their first year of being moved to an ICET unit. The Partners’ Advisory Committee should develop a performance measurement and heart to heart talks strategy for all partners at the strategic level. From 2000, Canada was experiencing a steady increase in the level of counterfeit currency introduced into the economic climate. On the inside 2004, Canada had achieved the unenviable record of having a superior high rate of counterfeit currency amongst G10 nationsFootnote 2. The selection of Ten(G10) Is comprised of 11 industrial countries(Belgium, Nova scotia, People from spain, Denmark, Malta, Asia, Holland, Sweden, Europe, Take pleasure in the and the United States) Which consult and co run on economic, Budget, And lending matters. Instant consequences of counterfeit currency are tangible the cost to a victim is easily calculated. The more serious consequences are intangible it is far more and more complicated to assess the impact of counterfeit currency on the stability of the Canadian economy and investor confidence in our financial systems. Despite the freakish rise in volume, Canadian law enforcement officials agencies were not devoting sufficient resources to the issue due to fiscal restraint, Competing main concerns, And the relatively low dollar loss produced by individual incidents. The nation’s Counterfeit Enforcement Strategy(NCES) Was launched a duration of drastic increases in counterfeit currency. The Royal Canadian fitted Police(RCMP) In discussion with Public Safety Canada(PS) And the lending company of Canada(BoC) Developed a National Counterfeit administration Strategy(NCES). Yet not formally introduced until 2007, Some elements of the Strategy were used as early as 2005.

National Counterfeit Enforcement StrategyEvaluation Report