I and my family have no prospect at all of becoming home owners. We live in housing that is a throwback to an era when energy was cheap, and the heat leaks right out as though there is no ceiling. We have no choice but to keep the furnace running, generating revenue for your government (and carbon emissions) but not getting a rebate sufficient to cover what we have no choice but to spend.

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Data caps encourage a climate of scarcity in an increasingly data driven world. Broadband appears to be one of few industries that seek to cheap nfl jerseys discourage their customers from consuming more of their product. Thus, even as the economic and engineering rationale cheap nhl jerseys for data caps on wireline broadband does cheap jerseys not hold up given the declining costs of providing service and rapid technological advancement,the proliferation of data caps is increasing.

Sharing with the community is, in part, why growler stations have such footing in craft brew meccas like Bend and are gaining popularity in Eugene. Selling things that are not available in stores, says Patric Campbell, co owner of The Tap and Growler on 5th and Pearl. Walk into any of the growler stations or growler tap houses and tasting rooms in town mostly rustic affairs with lots of wood, stone and corrugated tin and you will be confronted with at least 25 taps of local, regional and international craft beer; most have a smattering of wine and kombucha, and The Tap and Growler also sells craft sodas from Agrarian Ales and Pacori cold press coffee.

McEurope: Fast food restaurants are everywhere. Yes, the hamburgerization of the world is a shame, but face it, the busiest and biggest McDonald’s in the world are in Paris, Rome and Moscow. American fast food has gone global. In September, the University of Hawaii was selected as one of four finalists to host the Obama Center, along with Columbia University, University of Chicago, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. The President and First Lady are expected to make a decision on a location or locations in early to mid 2015. The Barack Obama Foundation will then lead a capital campaign and supervise design, construction and program operations..

PASADENA A high resolution microscope that can diagnose malaria on your iPhone? Eventually, that’s what Guoan Zheng, 26, would like to see happen. The California Institute of Technology grad student Wednesday was named a winner of the prestigious Lemelson MIT Collegiate Student Prize for his on chip, inexpensive microscopy imaging technology. Or, as Zheng humbly puts it, “my research is a $1.50 microscope.” The Lemelson MIT prize, which comes with a $30,000 award, is handed out each year to young innovators at four top research institutions Caltech, MIT, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

I and my family