Have you ever had a situation where you did not have your power? For some reason no matter what you said or did, nothing worked, went your way or turned out like you wanted?
So what do you think it is that causes you to loose your magnetism, charisma or personal power?
It all starts with your energy within. Everything is energy and as a species we are very perceptive about personal energy.
I was at a networking function last week. I met a lot of people I dragon mania legends cheats hack knew and was introduced or made acquaintances with a few I did not. One young man in particular was trying very hard to be social. His challenge was that his personal energy was betraying his desire to connect with people. He was awkward, visibly uncomfortable, and gave off a vibe that was needy. He actually repelled people and the pour guy had no clue as to why he was not connecting with people.
Have you ever been in a situation like that? Have you ever wondered why no matter what you did you just were not connecting with people? You couldn’t get the girls phone number, or you couldn’t close the deal?
To own your personal power try these simple but very effective techniques:
1) Breathe! Deep purposeful breaths. When you breathe deeply from you stomach you oxygenate your blood cells, which invigorates your body and energy. Your eyes sparkle and you settle in to a knowing confidence. Do three to five minutes of deep breathing.
2) Get your Kundalini moving. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning, coiled like a snake. Your Kundalini is a powerful energy, that for most men, is laying dormant. It lays coiled at the base of the spine. We need to get this share here energy moving through our whole body to truly be powerful. In our Chapter meetings we typically do a “Hoo-Yah!” to move around the masculine energy in the room. This energy is not for the faint of heart. If you master this energy, through meditation and energy work, it will change your life.
There is a simple exercise to get a small taste of this energy. Sit straight with your feet planted on the floor. Then from the depths of your solar plexus release a deep and forceful “HOO- YAH! Say it as loud as you can. Say it three times with feeling and you’ll feel the power rising. You may get tingles as it reverberates through your body cage. Often you will feel your skin tingle. Your confidence will soar. Do this before a big date or important meeting…be sure you are in the car wwe supercard hack online or at home guys.
3) Your posture…As a tall guy I’ve been guilty of poor posture once in awhile. I now do everything in my power to be the watchman at the gate to be constantly vigilant about how I hold myself up.
Your charisma is physically noticeable when you are walking tall, shoulders back and chest out. You have so much more personal power when you are playing big with your posture. You can actually be one to two inches taller with proper posture.
We often believe our experiences are externally created. Everything you experience comes from your energy within. Like attracts like. If things are not going your way. Do what Anthony Robbins always says, “Make a state change.”
If you have an important meeting, date or social engagement, get yourself prepared to be powerful with these three simple techniques. Again, the car is a great place to practice it for privacy.
Get your power back within and watch how your external world response.
You are not alone on the journey…I’ve got your back!

Have You Lost Your Power?