Running a business can be extremely challenging. There is a reason many business owners choose to pursue additional training and education in their fields. Often, however, the best way to learn is by taking advice offered by those who are already finding success in their fields. Joseph Kashurba is nothing if not a successful businessman.

He managed to turn his first steps toward a career as a freelance web designer in high school into a worldwide digital agency. The advice he has to offer can help aspiring business owners to follow a similar path. Not everyone can take a business designed to build $300 websites and turn it into a full-scale digital advertising company with six-figure project budgets. It takes serious work and perseverance to turn that kind of dream into a reality. Thankfully, Joe now offers advice to other freelance designers and agency owners on how to do just that.

Joe’s episode of Onward Nation is a must-listen for anyone interested in digital advertising and wondering how they can go from treading water to having a career that allows them to truly thrive. In it he offers advice about creating plans to make the most of each day, generating business leads, the importance of constant marketing, and more. As he points out, cultivating the right mindset can make the difference between success and failure, and honest evaluation of what strategies are most effective in striving toward success is a skill that must be learned. Joe offers specific advice on how to view a business from a diagnostic standpoint to better evaluate the effectiveness of strategies for success.

One of the most important pieces of advice that any aspiring businessman can hear is to find a niche and stick with it. Staying focused can be a challenge, but following the expert advice of someone who knows exactly how important it is to meet challenges head-on can help anyone to overcome it. Joe himself has faced substantial challenges, which listeners can hear about and learn from in his interview. Subscribe today to gain access to this episode, and to other valuable advice, online.

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