Alan first hit our screens in 1991. Often forgotten is that he actually started out on Sky, then moved to 5 live before getting the Match of the Day gig in 1992. From then onwards, he was fixture for 22 years. They decided it was better to toss them all into the first episode and hope everyone buys the figures and blu rays anyway, I guess.There’s nothing inherently terrible about this anime, but it doesn’t impress in any way either. It has an aesthetic (and loads of conceptual elements) in common with last season’s Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara, so if you fancied that show, maybe this one will do something for you, but Kanojo ga Flag started slower and more deliberately than this, and that show was a breakneck wisecracker too. It’s hard to say what kind of fan might enjoy Invaders of the Rokujyma!?, but most people will probably just find it annoying.Review: The Laws of Thermodynamics.

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Alan first hit our screens in