Malware infections can happen to personal and business computers. With business computers especially, malware can be more than just an inconvenience. Malware viruses like ransomware can make it impossible to use the computer, wipe all of the data off the computer, or steal the data and send it to the virus creator or publish it online if the ransom isn’t paid. Business owners will want to understand what to do if they see any malware on one of their computers.

Step One: Remove the Infected Computer From the Network

As soon as any malware is discovered, the computer should be removed from the network. Turning off the wireless connection or removing the ethernet cord can do this. Business owners can also simply unplug the computer to turn it off completely until it is inspected by an expert.

Step Two: Check Other Computers for Any Issues

All of the other business computers should be checked for issues. A virus scan will catch most potential issues, but these aren’t going to catch everything. That’s how the virus got on the computer in the first place. If there are signs of malware on any computer, step one should be done with those computers. Experts can help with the second step to ensure any infected computer is detected.

Step Three: Determine How the Virus Got Onto the Computer

It’s important to determine how the virus got on the computer. What was the employee doing when it appeared? What have they noticed that’s different than usual? Did they install anything or open any links? Determining the source can help with the diagnosis of the type of malware and the removal.

Step Four: Contact an Expert for Help Eliminating the Malware

An expert should be contacted to ensure the malware is completely removed. If it’s not removed properly, it can continue to infect the computer and move on to impact the rest of the business network.

Malware on a business computer can have devastating effects, but the information above can help a business owner deal with it quickly. Contacting an expert for a malware infection is always going to be a good idea as the expert can ensure the computer is completely cleared of any viruses before it’s added back to the network. This will help prevent the spread of the virus along with all of the issues caused by the virus.

4 Steps to Handle Any Malware Infection